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Make fast Money from introducing companies

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Earn Upto 50% Commission

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Why Signup?

Starting an online business yourself is never easy and can take years to show any sort of progress.

Bypass the tough times, no need to run the race, join us at the finish line, everything is laid on.

Earn From Real Estate Sales

You send a client to us and they buy a property for 1.000.000 Euro, you earn approx 2500 to 5000 Euro on the sale!

Earn From Legal Services

Legal assistance is critical when moving abroad or buying real estate abroad. Our highly rated partner law firms are waiting for your leads to earn you money!

Earn From Financial Deals

Local English Speaking Accountants and wealth management firms are in high demand. You earn 25% up to 50%! Of AnyExpat Fees for clients you introduce.

No Content Creation

Keeping it simple. You do not need to create any content, you can use anything that AnyExpat produces on your feeds. Personalise with your own content too!

No Selling or Negotiating

Starting from scratch, would you like to ring up a law firm or the CEO of a real estate firm and negotiate a deal where they pay you? No need, we have done it.

Automated For Growth

Expansion and more expansion is coming, be part of it, you can own an account with a huge following and make a lot of money by sharing this unstoppable platform.

What Happens after I sign up?

You will get a confirmation email from us on your computer, confirming your sign up, social accounts selected and your assigned email address from AnyExpat.

You are invited to Boost Up to 50%

At no cost you can boost your split of our commissions from 25% up to 50% by sharing a link that we provide on the confirmation page. Punching the air and going shopping is optional!

Build a following an earn in no time!

Start to build your accounts with our content AND YOURS TOO if you want, linking to us via your assigned tracking links. Watch the clicks / leads and deals roll in via your own totally transparent control panel. You even see leads being updated by our realtors with actions such as (Set Showing, Attended Showing and much more)

AnyExpats Core Aims

sAVE pEOPLE time
Time is the most valuable asset you don't own.

Quality control, we do not accept just any company, all partner companies must be highly rated, independent of others in the network and speak perfect English Too. We save our clients time by allowing them to efficiently connect with companies that always meet these standards.

Most people prefer to have more money

Our partner companies are not just good companies they are the best companies. AnyExpat is not like all the other sites with a random list of anyone that pays the advertising fees, we are selective. The result is our clients and your clients soon, get the best deals for Mortgages, on Property Purchases and in Legal Negotiations.

Save People EfforT
Work Smarter

Working smarter can apply to anything not just your job. In this case working smarter means we allow people to select a country, select a region and on a single form contact all the service providers they will require (It is pretty cool). Once done, we divert them to events in that area, allowing the user to go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes.

Buying Property abroad is STRESSFUL!

We know this and our final core aim is to assist our clients in reducing stress in their move. They have an easy contact process, connect with great companies and everyone Speaks English. We instantly connect them with events nearby and the overarching aim is to allow them to move country with the minimum TIME, EFFORT, COST AND STRESS.

You are helping people and making money

Helping people achieve the life they have often dreamed of for many years is highly rewarding, you can confidently introduce clients to the network via your chosen social accounts using our content in the knowledge that not only will each person you refer have a great experience but that great experience will result in your earning a nice cut of the fees.


Why should I join?

How else can you remotely earn from Legal, Financial and Real Estate deals in many countries?

More opportunities and more referrals means the sky is the limit in terms of earnings.

How Much Might I earn?

We are expanding our reach daily and will continously do this giving you more and more content and opportunity over time. Introducing a Single Real Estate Client should produce several Thousand Euros. With a large following how many clients might you introduce in a year?

Why should I join?

We are expanding our services and will continuously do this giving you more content and opportunity over time.
Your aim should be to continuously grow your accounts.

More opportunities and more referrals means the sky is the limit in terms of earnings.

Do you have additional opportunities?

Not right now, this opportunity is very simple, grow your following and benefit. Clearly if you are enthusiastic and grown your audience quickly you will have more potential clients.

Can I also upload my own content?

Yes absolutely, having signed up you can introduce your own content too, in fact this is encouraged and will help you create a larger and more enthusiastic following.

Infact, We require all social promoters to submit an article for Where Should I Live In" within 14 days of signup. This gives you your own original content to share with your new social media followers.


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Social Media Partner Plan  × 1 £60.00 / month
Subtotal £60.00
Total £60.00
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Subtotal £60.00 / month
Recurring total £60.00 / month
First renewal: July 20, 2024


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